P.1203 — Repositories

What is ITU-T P.1203?

ITU-T Rec. P.1203 is the world’s first standard for measuring the Quality of Experience of HTTP Adaptive Streaming services.

P.1203 has been trained and validated on over a thousand video sequences, rated by human subjects, in order to deliver the best possible prediction of QoE for transmissions that contain initial loading, stalling, and quality variations.

What software / data is available?

We developed an implementation of the ITU-T Rec. P.1203 standard. It can be used together with the codec extension from our lab, to cover non-standard codecs.

An open dataset was created for this model, which contains training and validation databases from the standardization procedure.

Who are we?

The Audiovisual Technology Group group is part of the Institute of Media Technology at TU Ilmenau, Germany, headed by Prof. Alexander Raake. The Audiovisual Technology Group (AVT) deals with the function, application and perception of audio and video equipment and systems.

The software was developed together with partners from Deutsche Telekom AG, Technische Universität Berlin, LM Ericsson.

What is the license?

The P.1203 software is available for non-commercial research purposes. For a commercial license, the respective rights have to be obtained by the rights holders. See the license statement for more information.


If you use the software or data in your research, please include the link to the corresponding repositories and cite the following publications: