The summer school takes place at the TU Ilmenau and is locally organized by the Audiovisual Technology Group.

How to get here?

Ilmenau can be easily reached with Deutsche Bahn via ICE stop in Erfurt. There are hourly trains going from Ilmenau to Erfurt and vice versa. The Summer School will take place at the Hans-Stamm-Campus location of TU Ilmenau.

Medialab II (ML2) (Room 104), Am Helmholtzring 9, 98693 Ilmenau, Deutschland

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Demos will be in other places near Medialab II.


Hotel Tanne Ilmenau

The traditional Hotel Tanne, which exists since 1898, is centrally located in the Goethe and university city of Ilmenau. Several rooms has been reserved for the workshop period:

  • Standard Single Room (per night, incl. breakfast & taxes) 80.00 €
  • Standard Double Room (per night, incl. breakfast & taxes) 105.00 €

In order to arrange your stay, please reserve your room with the keyword “SVCP 2022” until 20th June, 2022 with the hotel:

  • Phone: +49 3677 6590

All booking requests are handled by the hotel on a first come first served basis.

Other Accommodation

In case you prefer other accommodation possibilities, the city of Ilmenau and its surroundings offer further hotels, guest houses, private rooms, apartments etc. You can find a list here:

You are also welcome to contact the tourist office of Ilmenau:


Technische Universität Ilmenau

TU Ilmenau is a German public research university. It was founded in 1894 as a private educational institution named Thüringisches Technikum Ilmenau, later Engineering School. Technische Universität Ilmenau has a total of 5 academic departments (faculties) and about 5,200 students.

Text taken and translated from the German and English Wikipedia articles about TU Ilmenau.

The City of Ilmenau

A nursery rhyme describes the city that way:

"In Ilmenau, da ist der Himmel blau,
da tanzt der Ziegenbock mit seiner Frau."

"In Ilmenau, the sky is blue,
the billy goat dances with his wife"

Probably this is supposed to indicate a föhn-like weather phenomenon, which makes the sky above Ilmenau appear remarkably often blue. But find out for yourself here :-)

The Goethe and university town, formerly a mountain and bathing town, is famous for its charming scenic location on the northern edge of the Thuringian Forest in the upper Ilm valley. The town lies between 475 and 580 m above sea level in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Thuringian Forest and Thuringian Basin. The highest peak is the local mountain Kickelhahn with 861 m.

Text taken and translated from the City of Ilmenau Website